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1997 State Dinner Guest List

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State Dining Room

The White House

Washington, D.C.


April 8, 1997

William J. Clinton

President of the United States


and Hillary Rodham Clinton


Jean Chretien

Prime Minister of Canada


and Aline Chretien



Lloyd Axworthy

minister of foreign affairs


Denise Ommanney


Sergio Marchi

minister of the environment


Lauren Marchi


Art Eggleton

minister for international trade


Jane Stewart

minister of national revenue


Raymond Chretien

ambassador to the United States


Kay Chretien


James Bartleman

assistant secretary to the cabinet, foreign and defense policy, privy council office


Edward Goldenberg

senior policy adviser, prime minister's office


Jean Carle

director of operations, prime minister's office


Chaviva Hosek

director of policy and research, prime minister's office


Andre Desmarais


France Chretien


Caroline Chretien

special assistant, prime minister's office


Morton Abramowitz


Philip Glass


Madeleine K. Albright

secretary of state


John Korbel


Elizabeth Arnold

National Public Radio


Daniel Consenstein


Dan Aykroyd



Donna Dixon


Thomas L. Baldini

chair, U.S.- Canada International Joint Commission


Charlene Barshefsky

acting U.S. trade representative


Edward B. Cohen


Susan B. Bayh

member, U.S.-Canada International Joint Commission


Jeffrey Smulyan


Severin Beliveau

Preti, Flaherty, Beliveau (Augusta, Maine)


Cynthia Murray-Beliveau


Samuel R. Berger

assistant to the president for national security affairs


Susan Berger Michael S. Berman

president, The Duberstein Group


Carol Berman


James J. Blanchard

Verner, Liipert, Bernhard, McPherson and Hand, former U.S. ambassador to Canada


Janet Blanchard


Rep. David E. Bonior (D-Mich.)


Judy Bonior


Michael R. Brown

president, Litton Industries


Janis Brown


Carol M. Browner

administrator, Environmental Protection Agency


Michael Podhorzer


Alice B. Chamberlin

U.S.-Canada International Joint Commission


William M. Daley

secretary of commerce


William Daley


Stuart E. Eizenstat

under secretary of state-designate


Frances Eizenstat


John B. Emerson


Kimberly Marteau


James Fallows

U.S. News & World Report


Deborah Fallows


Gordon D. Giffin

Long, Aldridge and Norman


Patti Giffin


Joseph Grandmaison

director, U.S. Trade and Development Agency


Ann Grandmaison


Denyce Graves

opera singer


David Perry


Alan Greenspan

chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System


Andrea Mitchell

NBC News


Curtis Hertel

speaker of the House, Michigan


Vickie Hertel


Rep. Amory Houghton (R-N.Y.)


Priscilla Houghton


Warren A. Jones



William H. Joyce

CEO, Union Carbide


Susan Joyce


Yousuf Karsh



Estrellita Karsh


John C. Kornblum

assistant secretary of state for European and Canadian affairs


Helen Kornblum


Diana Krall

jazz pianist-singer


Adella Krall


Philip Lader


Linda Lader


Rep. John J. LaFalce (D-N.Y.)


Patricia LaFalce


Howard Mandel



Terri Mandel


Leslie G. McCraw

CEO, Fluor Corp.


Mary McCraw


Thomas F. McLarty

counselor to the president


Donna McLarty


Alan G. McNally

CEO, Harris Trust Bankcorp Inc.


Ruth McNally


Robert Scheck Morrison

chairman and CEO, Kraft Foods Inc.


Susan Morrison


Lauren D. Rachlin

attorney, Buffalo, N.Y.


Jean Rachlin


Molly Raiser

chief of protocol


William Richardson

U.S. representative to the United Nations


Barbara Richardson


Ira S. Shapiro

general counsel, office of the U.S. trade representative


Nancy Shapiro


Michael Sheehan

Sheehan Associates


Fredrica Sheehan


Robert Shrum

president, Shrum, Devine and Donilon


Mary Louise Oates


Rodney E. Slater

secretary of transportation


Cassandra Slater


Sen. Olympia J. Snowe (R-Maine)


John R. McKernan

former governor of Maine


Robin V. Sproul

ABC News


David Sproul


Margaret Sullivan

chief of staff, office of the U.S. trade representative


David Marchick


Lawrence H. Summers

deputy secretary of the treasury


Linda I. Robertson

assistant secretary of the treasury


James Tierney

former attorney general of Maine


Josie Tierney-Fife


Richard Ullman

director, Center for International Studies, Princeton University


Gail Ullman


Alexander R. Vershbow

special assistant to the president for international economic affairs, NSC


Lisa Vershbow


Thomas Weston

American charge d'affaires to Canada


Bonnie Weston




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