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What will President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau discuss during the Prime Minister's visit to Washington? There is no shortage of potential topics, but here we explore some important ones.


Canada and the United States have so much by way of shared values and common ideals. It is important that as technology evolves, applying our shared values enables adoption and rewards innovation. Our intellectual property regimes must be equal and highest quality that to reward innovation and spur competition.

It is important to examine the misalignment of voluntary standards here in North America. Only about 10% of standards between Canada and the US are currently harmonized.

Protect shared ecosystem

Canada and the United States have shared interests in the defense and security of our continent. From policing our shared border to participation in joint operations through NORAD and NATO, our two countries share a deep commitment to our mutual defense.

The border that separates Canada and the United States does not separate the watersheds, rain, and air that freely cross the 49th parallel. The Canadian American Business Council believes that it is important that our shared continental ecosystem be protected.

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